Flexible solutions designed for the way you work

Whether the aim is to increase productivity, reduce current review time through automation or add new business without increasing staff, we have the advanced technology and technical support to help AMCs achieve important business goals.

Our technical support team will consult with you on your current process to understand your business needs in-depth and implement the most suitable solution not just for today but for the changes your business and industry may face in the years to come. The process we help you manage and create will be adaptable, intuitive and will result in better appraisals from your panel and consistent, more efficient operations for your own review staff.

Our component-based business rules engine intelligently automates appraisal reviews (RealView™), allows you to comprehensively analyze the quality of reviews before submission, and provides an intuitive platform for direct submission to the UCDP. And our sophisticated fraud detection solutions (Collateral Expert™ and Collateral Expert™ Retro) use public record and sales data, trending information and much more to assess fraud risk.

We also have the expertise and technology to create customized tools for you or your clients at request, because we understand that your business is unique. Our premier 18 AVMs and Real Condition Reports also allow you to offer advanced services and benefits to clients.

Products that meet the needs of AMCs