It's about saving time and money. Whether it's loan origination, post funding QC, loan portfolio evaluation or due diligence, receiving reliable information in an efficient manner is key. Platinum Data recognizes this and has simplified the workflow by creating a single location or "hub". Built to your specific requirements, it's never been easier to find all of your collateral risk tools in one reliable place.

Due Diligence

Platinum's Collateral Expert™ is a highly advanced, interactive, and automated fraud detection solution that can instantly identify potential "flips" or fraudulent activities on a specific property, as well as identify what a subject property is worth today.

Unmatched in providing retrospective property data, Collateral Expert™ Retro is a highly advanced, interactive, and automated fraud detection solution that can instantly identify what a subject property was worth at a specific point in time in the past.

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Appraisal Verification

Sourcing more data, more accurately than any other solution of its kind, RealView™ is the revolutionary business rules engine that rapidly processes and analyzes appraisals for compliance, completeness, and consistency.

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AVM Products

Platinum's role as an independent provider of innovation- and technology-driven risk mitigation and workflow efficiency solutions for the mortgage industry allows us to offer a premier suite of AVM products with the highest level of accuracy and transparency.

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Platinum Data's OptiVal™ is the industry's premier AVM cascading solution.

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Data Products

At Platinum Data, we believe in empowerment and transparency and promote both by providing the most reliable, comprehensive, easily accessible and accurate data for optimal decision-making.

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Pre-Qualification Products

These meticulously designed front-end loan origination solutions can be used to quickly and efficiently determine a property's estimated value and manage risk and loan quality.

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Flood Products

Platinum Data offers broad flood zone compliance assistance, with products that identify risks during the pre-qualification phase.

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