We believe in empowerment and transparency and promote both by providing the most reliable, comprehensive, easily accessible and accurate data for optimal decision-making. The following are some of our configurable data reports.

Property Detail - Gain access to property address, current and prior sale information, assessed value and key property and site characteristics.

Property Detail w/ Comps. - View property address, current and prior sale information, key property and site characteristics, assessed value and comparables in the immediate vicinity of the subject property.

Transaction History - Use this comprehensive subject property history - including sale and recording date, price, recording document number, recording document and mortgage type, grantor and grantee names, and loan amount and term - to accurately valuate properties.

SiteXData Report - Take advantage of our sophisticated and fully-integrated deployment technology that provides extensive access to Subject Property Assessment Records and Comparable Sales Data for most metropolitan areas nationwide.

Detailed property information in each SiteXData report includes: