Mortgage Compliance, Simplified

Process efficiency and reliable data are imperative when it comes to reviewing your clients' collateral documentation. We provide customized and component-based collateral assessment solutions that automate the appraisal review process and enhance data quality and accuracy, ensuring that you provide clear and consistent benefit for your clients.

These automated solutions capture significant, comprehensive appraisal data according to the unique checklist rules that can be easily customized. Our unparalleled AVM cascade and cascade management tools, property condition reporting, property fraud reporting and field and desk appraisal review ordering management all provide additional insight and ease as you complete reviews for your clients.

With mortgage lending regulations constantly evolving, your process and results must be accurate, consistent and transparent. Our products meet this need with a rules-based architecture. Most importantly, our solutions are highly customizable and highly intuitive.

Products that meet the needs of Mortgage Compliance Agencies